World’s first
Charity Champagne
– Build a better world
first Charity
– Build a better world

experience the luxury of champagne. Our charity champagne is the first of its kind in the world and offers the highest quality. With every bottle you drink, you contribute to a better world for people and the environment, because we support charitable projects and show you your impact. Be part of a movement that combines excellence, sustainability and social responsibility - let's create a future together where we can celebrate and do good at the same time. Be part of a new generation of champagne connoisseurs who value charity.


Experience the fine taste of champagne - directly from the heart of the Champagne region. Only premium grape varieties are used for the high quality. Indulge yourself with a special treat while  contribute to a better world. Be inspired and experience the luxury of champagne in a new way.


Our champagne combines taste and social responsibility. With every bottle, you support charitable causes for people and the environment. Through our digital platform, you can track your support at any time and see how you are contributing to positive change.


Treat yourself and your guests to a unique drinking experience in a bottle that combines both aesthetics and innovation. The unique digital design will inspire you and become an eye-catcher on every occasion.

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